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Trailer: Breaking Dawn Part 2

OK remember we posted a ‘teaser’ trailer for this? Well it was a rather pathetic 10 seconds long and didn’t give away too much. We’ve got a slightly longer trailer to share but still not a huge amount of detail. What do we all think? In the book Bella is supposed to look unrecognisable, how do you think K Stew will look as a vamp? Let us know below



Review: Breaking Dawn Part 1

*Contains some spoilers – you have been warned!*

Picture the world three years ago. Very few people had heard of Bella Swan, very few girls fancied Edward Cullen and Taylor Lautner was merely a prepubescent boy whose one noticeable role was in a horrendous follow up to Cheaper by the Dozen. It doesn’t feel right, does it?

That’s because these days, due to the phenomenon of Stephenie Meyer’s book series, the world is full of ‘twihards’ and vamp fans who can’t wait to take another bite out of the popular Twilight franchise. And the latest instalment, Breaking Dawn, is perhaps the most eagerly anticipated of the bunch.

Twilight follows teenage girl Bella Swan and her vampire love interest Edward Cullen as they embark on a relationship. Breaking Dawn, the last in the series, explores their marriage and the beginning of their eternal life together.

The story so far is that the unlikely (albeit gorgeous) pair have fallen deeply in love, fought off some deadly enemies and – despite attempting a ‘break’ – have decided that they can’t live without one another. Breaking Dawn begins with the build up to Bella and Edward’s wedding. Both are as nervous as each other because, although Bella has asked to be turned into a vampire after the ceremony, she has also requested a ‘human’ honeymoon with lots of time in the bedroom. With Edward an almost indestructible vampire this, obviously, causes some complications and Bella becomes pregnant. The rest of the film follows their struggle during the pregnancy and leads up to the graphic birth.

If you’ve read the book you will no doubt be pleased with the film because every scene is true to it. The wedding scene is beautiful and is like something you might see in a Midsummer Night’s Dream, the honeymoon shots are delicate and addictive and the birth scene is… just as disgusting as you might imagine it.

The birth scene was shot with an equal amount of gore and distress but it managed to avoid being un-watchable. During shooting the baby was apparently covered in jelly and cream cheese to create realism and it certainly worked. The vampire cesarean will have you grabbing your face in disgust and the CGI used to create Bella’s malnutrition is frighteningly realistic.

Director Bill Condon has no doubt created the best Twilight film to date. He has managed to perfectly capture the excitement of the final book, create some of the most romantic scenes between Bella and Edward and he’s also ensured Jacob and the wolf pack’s relationship is fully covered. Some of the best scenes include the wolf pack’s fight and Jacob and Bella’s bittersweet wedding dance.

In short Breaking Dawn is a must see for any Twilight fan and has made the wait for the final chapter almost unbearable.

Breaking Dawn Premiere Preview

Ahead of the UK premiere for Breaking Dawn (which is literally just about to kick off) we thought we’d re-cap on the Twilight Saga and make some predictions on the latest instalment.

It all started with Twilight – a story based around Edward, a vampire, and Bella, a teenage girl. Bella relocates to live with her dad in a tiny town called Forks and, after attending the local high school, meets Edward Cullen – a seemingly arrogant and miserable soul. Bella discovers that Edward is in fact a vampire who desperately lusts after her blood. Cue hours of teen-angst, sexual tension and blood-sucking fight scenes.

Based on Stephenie Meyers book series, the story was brought to the screen in 2008 – and no one could have predicted its success. Three years after the original release the world is now full of ‘Twihards’ who are obsessed with the central love stories of Bella, Edward and werewolf ‘third wheel’ Jacob.

New Moon, the second in the series, created some on screen surprises and was a definite departure from the first movie. The original dark and amateur feel of Twilight was gone and replaced by CGI, Hollywood looking actors and intricate fight scenes. It was, of course, a sign of Twilight’s success. Budgets went up and the leading actors were thrown into the media spotlight (can you remember a world without R Patz and K Stew? Exactly).

But what we felt was so interesting about the original Catherine Hardwicke version was the simplicity. Bella was a clumsy plain Jane, just how she was meant to be. Now Kristen Stewart looks ultra glam on screen as Bella Swan and we can’t help but feel she, along with the vampire crew, have been ‘hollywooded’ a bit too much.

Eclipse, the third movie, was released in 2010 and seemed to have an even bigger budget although it fused together the story well. The love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob was explored perfectly and had us all wanting to take another bite out of the popular franchise.

Now we’re finally here. Part one of the final instalment is set to hit cinemas all over the UK this weekend and Twilight fever is undoubtedly all around. But with so many surprises in the previous offerings, just what will Breaking Dawn bring? How will they tackle the wedding scene? What about the honeymoon? And how about that vampire caesarean? One thing’s for sure – we can’t wait to sink our teeth into it.

Breaking Dawn Clip

OMG. It’s fast approaching – the first installment of Breaking Dawn is due for release on November 18th. But until then feast your eyes on this clip – excited yet?!

First Look At Kristen Stewart As Snow White

Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman


Check out Twilight star Kristen Stewart in her armour! Photos of the actress in full costume for upcoming film Snow White and The Huntsman have been leaked onto the net today.

Stewart is currently in Wales shooting scenes for the movie. Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect…




Trailer: Breaking Dawn

It’s finally here. The full version of the Breaking Dawn trailer has just been released. Are you excited about it? Let us know below!

Breaking Dawn – Trailer of a Trailer

Yes, you read it correctly. It appears the suspense surrounding the release of the new Breaking Dawn trailer is just too much – a trailer of the trailer has just been released. It does feature some pretty good content, all 15 seconds of it. Watch it below and let us know what you think

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