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DVD Review: Green Lantern

Here at Screenscoop we love action films. Sit us down in front of a sci-fi marathon of explosions and intergalactic romance and we won’t budge from our seat. Not one muscle. But something unexpected happened when we sat down to watch Green Lantern – we couldn’t get up enough!

It could be because of the poor chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively or it could be because of the terribe CGI – either way we doubt we’ll be hitting the repeat button anytime soon.

On paper it should work. Ryan Reynolds plays hot-headed pilot Hal Jordan who, after witnessing an alien crash, is chosen to become a Green Lantern. By putting on a green ring he is able to fly, wear a spiffy superhero costume and fight evil. He’s also sworn into a group of Lanterns, The Green Lantern Corps, gathered together to fight evil, protect the innocent and maintain the Universe. Peter Sarsgaard plays professor Hector Hammond who joins the dark-side and tries to destroy the world, which Hal obviously has to stop.

The original DC Comics version is gripping and exciting but director Martin Campbell failed to bring this same sense of excitement to the screen. Most of the shots really do look like something out of a poor computer game. Noteable scenes include the initial alien crash landing and Hal’s first superhero act – using his ring to create a race track to divert an out of control helicopter from hitting a busy crowd. Reynold’s suit is also pure CGI which looks… fake. We know it is – but that’s not the point.

Although Reynolds is great as cocky Hal Jordan, the chemistry between him and leading lady Blake Lively is forgettable. Lively’s character is believable and her performance is good but the two together just don’t work.

Peter Sarsgaard is fantastic in his role and plays a brilliant enemy. He had us cringing at his big, veiny forehead and is almost unrecognisable.

Green Lantern certainly provides 114 minutes of escapism and premium popcorn chewing time but does it live up to expectation? Not really.


Blake Not That Lively For Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

We sort of saw this one coming, did you? Blake Lively is the latest star to turn down a role in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

The Gossip Girl actress was approached with the script after Natalie Portman, Emma Stone and Scarlett Johansson turned it down.

The search is still on for a lead actress with the film due for release in 2013.

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