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Why We Want Marty McFly’s Shoes

It’s no secret. Marty McFly is one of the best characters in film history. And when we first watched Back to the Future over a decade ago we probably thought the same as most people – where did he get his shoes from?!

Well, luckily for us, manufacturer Nike has just released his future/trendy sneakers. The Air Mag shoes, which Marty wears in Back to the Future 2, will be auctioned off on ebay, with all proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox foundation.

In the film Marty gets the shoes in 2015 (we are horrified at how ‘futuristic’ and ‘far away’ that year seemed when we first watched the trilogy. Now we’re so close!)

Here’s three reasons why these shoes are going right to the top of our wish list:

They Look Good

Marty McFly and his futuristic shoes

Enough said

Because It Means We Might Fly a Hovercraft

Hovercraft on set of Back to the Future

Will these ever be released???

Because There’s Always The Chance We Might Time Travel

Marty and Doc

Great Scott!



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