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Dark Blood Set To Be Released in 2012

The film River Phoenix was working on when he died of a drug-induced heart attack in 1993 is set to be released 18 years on.

There were just 11 days of filming left when River Phoenix died, aged 23, and Director George Sluizer has announced he hopes ‘Dark Blood’ will be completed some time next year.

He told the  Hollywood Reporter that he plans to ask River Phoenix’s brother Joaquin to provide a voiceover as Boy, the character River was playing before his death.

A critically acclaimed actor at the time of his death, Phoenix made his name as a troubled teen in Rob Reiner’s classic coming of age story Stand by Me and we certainly can’t wait to see him back on the big screen for one last time.



Avatar 2 on the Way?

Ever since we were introduced to the wonderfully weird world of Pandora, we couldn’t wait to jump back in. And it seems Avatar 2 is already underway.

Lead star Sam Worthington recently gushed about the series at a press event and confirmed that James Cameron is currently penning the sequel. But first we’ll be seeing the actor in Clash of the Titans 2 which hits cinemas next year.

What do you think, excited about the next Avatar? Where could they possibly go with the plot?

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