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Review: Super 8

Super 8

With both Jeffrey Jacob Abrams and Steven Spielberg involved, it was obvious from the start that Super 8 was going to be a hit.

Set in the 70’s the film beautifully explores relationships, friendship and is packed with a healthy dose of adventure from the offset.

Super 8 is centred around a group of friends who are obsessed with making the best home-made movie in the country. Lead character Joe (Joel Courtney) and on-screen best friend Charles (Riley Griffiths) spend their time writing zombie horror scripts and practising make-up and special effects techniques. But one night their world is changed when they witness a horrific railway accident and what appears to be evidence of alien life.  Abrams then takes you on a really vivid journey involving suspense, alien fights and explosive action scenes.

One to watch out for in the film is Elle Fanning who plays Joe’s love interest Alice. The chemistry between the two actors is believable despite their youth.

Although the actual alien effects in the movie leave a bit to be desired, we were really impressed with the kids own horror movie (which you can see during the credits.) The make-up, awful one liners and shuddery acting is hilarious to watch and the authenticity of the characters had us believing we were a part of their group.

Super 8 is an easy Sunday afternoon watch that will no doubt have you reminiscing about your childhood, whatever the decade.

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