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Zoolander 2 Details Released


He made hedgehog shaped hair and pouting famous and now Derek Zoolander aka Ben Stiller is getting ready for round two.

Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller were fabulous in the original and, if the rumours are true, the upcoming Zoolander 2 is going to be just as funny.

Wilson recently revealed some news about the new script – hinting that Hansel will suffer an injury to his face that will make his modelling career even tougher.

The movie will be shot ten years after the original and a lot of scenes will be based in Europe. Will Farrell is also rumoured to be returning and obviously Derek Zoolander will take centre stage. ┬áDid we tell you he’s really, really good looking?


Five Best Movie Animals

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Following the successful release of Rise of the Planet of the Apes we couldn’t help but think of all the animals (real or not) that have helped to make some of our most loved movies a triumph. We’ve picked out five of our favourite furry friends:

Monkey Trouble

Thora Birch in Monkey Trouble

An absolute classic. Thora Birch stars alongside Harvey Keitel in the 1994 release Monkey Trouble. The kids’ flick follows Eva and her (surprisingly good pick-pocket) pet monkey Dodger – who are both on the run from gangster Azro.

Free Willy

Free Willy

Troubled teen Jesse be-friends a captive and endangered whale, Willy, and helps to set him free in the ocean. Massive tear jerker. Enough said.

Dunston Checks In

Kyle and Dunston

We’re not quite sure whether it’s Eric Llyod’s bowl shaped haircut, Jason Alexander’s grumpy expressions or the cuteness of the Orangutan but Dunston Checks In is a must watch.

Homeward Bound

Chance, Sassy and Shadow

A 1993 family adventure movie based on three pets that go missing in the wild. Cue an hour and a half of action including bears, mountain cats and porkupines.

Marley & Me

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson star in Marley & Me

Although we weren’t overly excited about watching this one, we had to include it. The entire movie (based on John Grogan’s original novel) is about the crazy, energetic dog Marley and how he helps to shape a family’s life and relationships.

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