Review: In Time

Justin Timberlake shines in his first lead role. He is so believable as a do-good rebel – it’s hard to remember that he comes from a teen-bopping boyband background.

Sci fi thriller In Time is a really interesting look at what the future could be. The story revolves around the theory that ‘time is money’. Quite literally. Currency has been replaced by time, with every member of society wearing a digital clock on their arm and earning time for every shift they clock in for. Most people who live in the ‘ghetto’ survive day-by-day whereas others give ‘decades’ as birthday gifts. Everyone starts earning time from their 25th birthday, and so everyone stays young.

The lead character is Will Salas, played by Justin Timberlake. Living in the ghetto with his mum (Olivia Wilde) Will works at a factory and usually only has a day on his clock. But one night he is given a gift – of 100 years – by a drunken man who he meets in a bar. The morning after he finds the guy timed out and a small note which simply says ‘don’t waste my time.’ Suddenly Will has years to play with and so, naturally, time slows down and he begins to enjoy the finer things in life. It all speeds up again though when Will, who is suspected of murdering his acquaintance, goes on the run and takes a millionaire’s daughter (Amanda Seyfried) hostage. They soon spark up a romantic relationship and go on a mission to distribute time to the poor.

Timberlake is very believable in this futuristic Robin Hood role. His character is relateable and has you backing him the entire way. The chemistry between Timberlake and Seyfried is also really sincere. Seyfried plays a rather different character than usual and she is almost unrecognisable in a fiery red wig. The two characters compliment each other well – he is tired of injustice and she is desperate to break free from her fathers empire.

The message of the film is quite clear too. It’s all about the rich taking things for themselves and limiting how much time the poorer members of society can earn. Although it is set in the future there are some scary resemblences to society today. Will we all wear clocks on our arms and pay for bread with time? We doubt it. Will there always be a struggle between the rich and the poor? Probably.


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