Review: Home Alone

This yuletide cracker never fails to get us in the mood! Macaulay Culkin stars as eight year old Kevin McCallister who accidentally gets left behind when his family embark on a Christmas holiday. Cue plenty of home alone mischief and festive fun.

The story begins at the McCallister’s house where the family have gathered to pack for their impending holiday to Paris. Following an argument with his older brother Buzz (who we want to punch in the face, by the way), Kevin is banished to the attic room for misbehaving and makes a wish for his family to ‘disappear’. In the morning the family rush to make it to the airport and accidentally leave the house without Kevin on-board. Later that morning Kevin wakes up to an empty house and the realisation that his dream has come true. Naturally he is excited and starts running around the house like an elf on Christmas eve – chopping down trees, riding on sleighs and…shopping for milk and eggs. But Kevin’s festive fun comes to a halt when two burglars – Harry and Marv – target the McCallister home and plan to steal all of the goodies inside.

One of the best moments of the film is when little Kevin mumbles the classic one liner: ‘This is my house, I have to defend it.’ From then on it’s an absolute treat to watch. Of course, it’s highly un-realistic that an eight year old boy could come up with the intricate traps that Kevin does, including a blow-torch door, but it’s so addictive to watch.

Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are fantastic as holiday crooks Harry and Marv. Every scene that the pair star in has bundles of slapstick comedy and some of their scenes even border on cringe-worthy. A particularly ‘cringe’ moment is when Marv has a tarantula placed on his bearded face – yuk.

The reason Home Alone is so magical is because it takes viewers back to their childhood. We see everything through Kevin’s eyes and, for an hour and a half at least, we get to giggle at some really strange things. How often do you see an imprint of an iron on someone’s face? Exactly. Classic viewing.


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