Review: Halloween H20

Although it was released over a decade ago, Halloween: H20 is as creepy as ever. Centred around mask-wearing psycho Michael Myres, the movie is the follow up to the original 1978 hit. And guess what? It’s set 20 years later (hence the rubbish title).

The story of Halloween begins in 1963 and  follows Michael Myres who, at only 6 years old, brutally murders his older sister. He’s then put away for 15 years in a mental institution until he escapes on Halloween night and goes on a killing spree – mainly to try and murder his other sister Laurie Strode.

The second film kicks off 20 years later – with Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) still having nightmares and struggling to get on with her life.

As well as sharing the same dramatic theme tune, Halloween: H20 is just as creepy and well shot as the first. The movie mostly takes place in a private school, where Laurie is teaching and living on campus with her teenage son (Josh Hartnett). It’s quite an achievement to make a film so gripping with repetitive set shots and only a handful of characters to work with. But H20 does achieve this – it might be because of L L Cool J’s amazing *sarcasm* supporting role or it could just be down to the sheer brilliance of Curtis. Things get interesting the moment her character decides to ‘face up to her demons’ and take on Michael alone. She is surprisingly quite handy with an axe.

Although we reckon the film definitely borders on cheesy, it’s a classic teen horror flick that rivals others of its kind including Scream. It has just about enough gore (just watch the scene with Jodi Lyn O’Keefe and you’ll agree) and just about enough of a storyline to keep you gripped.

While it’s not worthy of an award for ingenuity, H20 is a definite must-watch during the trick or treat season and is staying firmly put in our halloween dvd collection.


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